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An Open Letter to Restaurant Owners about Pests.

Dear Restaurant Owners,

As a resident of the Sunshine Coast, I am very appreciative of how important our eateries are to the coast. We love driving to Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Noosa and everywhere in between to find a gem. Restaurants on the coast have given our family endless memories, it is our tradition to try a new venue once a month. Always interesting with a vegetarian son to find what he can try new that we may be able to replicate at home.

Restaurants are places where we meet new people, old friends, new friends, make business deals, host parties and enjoy romantic dinners, restaurants are what makes the Sunshine Coast buzz.

Unfortunately, everything we love about restaurants is what also makes them appealing to pests- but you don’t have to make pests feel welcome. There are basic steps that can be taken by you to make your establishments less desirable to the pests.
As a Pest Technician, I’ve learnt to think like a creepy crawly. When attending a restaurant I look around and think if I were pest where would I want to hide?

I’ll teach you a trick, it’s called ‘The Pest Pyramid: Water, Food, Shelter’. This is the best tool to use to get an understanding of what it is that’s attracting pests to your restaurant. What food is available, what water sources are around and what cracks and crevices are there for them to harbour in?

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Pests are always looking for moisture and this is not only from drains and sinks. Do you have standing water, or chipped, cracked & missing tiles? When floors are mopped is there excess water left where the floor meets the wall?
It is a good idea to dry mop after your wet mop to lessen the amount of standing water. Keep hoses behind the bar tied up so the water dissipates fast. Clean the drip trays out regularly. If moisture can be found in your restaurant you can be certain pests will keep coming back.


Every restaurant owner believes their restaurant is clean. Cleaning standards can always be higher!
When was the last time you pulled out the oven and cleaned behind there? Moved the boxes away from the walls to see what is going on behind them? Infrequently used storage areas are a VIP area for creepy crawlies. Schedule deep cleans to ensure no food is available for pests to have a feast on.


Do you know the perimeter of your restaurant? Do you regularly check for entry points? Entry points can be as obvious as the front door to the out of site cracks and holes that can be new from electrical or plumbing work.
Go around your premises monthly and methodically check every square inch of the perimeter to make sure all potential entry points are sealed. Rechecking all seals around the backs of your equipment, fridges, splash backs. Think like a pest and think how you might gain entry.
So remember the PEST PYRAMID: Water, Food & Shelter.

Check out the Food Safety Requirements for Australia HERE.

If you have any questions about your restaurant request a call back and I will be more than happy to give you some pointers on how you can keep your restaurant pest free.

Your Sincerely,

Mick Kinnear

Zero Termite and Pest

Afterpay pest management plans

Landlords beware, Tenants don’t make for good Pest Technicians!

Could Termites be eating in to your investment?

Are you relying on your tenants to let you know that you have a pest problem?

These photos were taken at a property that had been tenanted and this is what the landlord found when they went back in for the final inspection.

Termite Protection Sunshine Coast
Termite Damage to Rental Property, Sunshine Coast.
Termites Barrier Sunshine Coast
Damage to property caused by termites.











If Property Managers and Pest Technicians had been servicing this property over the time the tenants had been in place, this now disastrous situation could have been avoided.  The damage to this property can be estimated to be in the thousands and is not covered by insurance.

This is not an isolated incident. We have had numerous call outs in our time where obvious signs of damage have not been reported to the owners.

Home Protect is the best investment you can make for your property to give you peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

For less than a $1.50 a day your property will be inspected for termites annually and treated for all other pests covered in the package. Packages come with an unlimited service warranty. Check out our packages HERE.

Sunshine Coast Termites


Termites are something we could talk about all day.  I know as home owners there is a certain element of fear when it comes to Termites and how best to protect your home against an attack.  By the end of this blog you will have a better understanding of ways to make your house less attractive to Termites.

But first I thought I would share with you my parents story and how termites nearly destroyed them not once but twice financially.

The first time Mark and Chris encountered termites they were living in an old house in South Australia.  An extension had been completed to the house before they purchased it. The extension hadn’t been protected in the way of a termite management system. Mark was in the bathroom and a piece of chipboard that was attached to the wall had started to come away from the wall.  He pulled it back and low and behold there was a huge amount of termites.

This was not an expense that had budgeted for with three children and one income they were panicked.  I can remember Mum in tears and from that day I knew Termites were like a swear word in our household.

The second time was when my parents had a property in South Australia and it was tenanted, things turned sour with the tenants and they were asked to vacate the property and were give three months’ notice.  When Mark and Chris gained their property back they noticed in one of the rooms there was a large mud lead up the wall.  The tenants had become aware of this but out of spite had decided to not report it.  The damage was thankfully contained in that one room but the cost to have them treated and the wall repaired was in the thousands.

In both of these situations had they of had regular inspections and protection to the property this could have been avoided.


Termite damage is not covered under insurance policies and yet they cause more damage to your home than natural disasters, theft and burglaries combined. For more information on what isn’t always covered in your insurance have a read here..

Termites cause $1.3 billion in repair costs to Australian homes each year.

The good news is you can take action to prevent Termites in your home.


  • Simply keeping fire wood and other timbers away from your home. Don’t store firewood under your sub floor or up against the house.
  • Keep garden beds away from the house perimeter and earth away from weep holes
  • Make sure there is no water dripping around your home, run a hose from your air conditioner away from the house and the same with your hot water system.

The next level is making sure your home is inspected by a licensed Pest Controller annually. The cost for this is minimal when you compare it to the cost to repair your home.

The installation of a termite management system is the optimum way to protect your house.  The two main options are a chemical barrier which is applied to the slab edge of your home, think of this as a moat of chemical around your castle.

The second option is a baiting system which is less invasive, this consists of baiting station that are installed every 3 meters around the drip line of your home.  Zero Termite and Pest use Sentricon in these baiting stations and you can learn more about these here.


Rain and Rats, Identifying and Preventing!

With all the rain around I thought it would be a good time to talk about Rats.

I know as home owners there is nothing more frustrating than just drifting off to sleep and the banging begins in the ceiling. It’s like the rats are throwing a party. At the end of this blog you will leave with a few tips you can use to prevent them from entering your ceiling and hanging around your home.

Did you know there were 200 claims made for damage caused by Rats and mice snacking on plastic parts in motor vehicles last year?

The risk to your health from ingesting foods and water that these rodents have come into contact with can cause diseases. Rats can spread 35 different diseases.

Homes are at risk of structural weakness caused by rats gnawing through aluminium and lead sheeting.

They are also well known for chewing through wiring and causing house fires.

So what are some of the tell tale signs you have rats around your property
Read more

FAQs about Termites

pre-purchase-inspections-sunshine-coastThe first sign of termites that a homeowner might notice could be a swarm of insects inside the house during the spring months. However, winged ants swarm also. How can you tell whether the insects are ants or termites?

A. Termites have no apparent waist and straight antennae. Though the insects are similar there are differences. Both have two sets of wings, but the ant wings are generally two different sizes. The termite appears to have a straight body line and the ant appears to have a waist.

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