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Landlords or Tenants, who is responsible for the pest control?

Landlords or Tenants, who is responsible for the pest control?

Pest control covers a broad range of infestations. Cockroaches, rodents or termites at some stage during a tenancy an outbreak may occur in the rental property. The question is “Who is responsible for managing the pest control?”

The legislation for managing pest control is unclear and can often be misinterpreted.
A tenant is required to keep the property clean and the landlord is required to keep the property maintained to be fit for tenancy.

Some local councils in Australia require residential property owners to engage pest control companies to undertake annual pest control on their properties.

Your responsibilities as a tenant:

Your responsibilities are for any flea infestations caused by your own pets. You can help to prevent pest infestations by securing all foods and not leaving bowls of food around the home.
Be sure to always complete your entry report thoroughly and note any pest issues that me be evident.
A tenancy agreement where pets are on the lease requires the tenant to complete a Flea Spray on vacating of the property.

As a general rule, however, any outbreak or infestation of pests such as rats, mice, possums, cockroaches, termites, ants, spiders, wasps or bees requiring attention by a pest control operator is the responsibility of the lessor/property manager.

Your responsibilities as a property owner:

Property owners are responsible for pest and rodent control. The only time this can be argued is if the presence of pests are caused by a lack of housekeeping and cleanliness. If the tenant is not disposing of waste correctly or is undertaking activities that increase the presence of pests, then the landlord can put this back on the tenant.

What is the solution?

Home Protect controls your pests, not your wallet. Simply select the package to suit your needs and rest easy knowing your property is being looked after 365 days of the year. Zero Termite and Pest work with you and your property manager to ensure your asset is pest free.

From $5 a week, our plans can see your property inspected for Termites, treated Internally once per year and externally twice a year for cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants and rodents.

If you’re a tenant, and you’re concerned about your safety, make your concerns known to your property owner or property manager.

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An Open Letter to Restaurant Owners about Pests.

Dear Restaurant Owners,

As a resident of the Sunshine Coast, I am very appreciative of how important our eateries are to the coast. We love driving to Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Noosa and everywhere in between to find a gem. Restaurants on the coast have given our family endless memories, it is our tradition to try a new venue once a month. Always interesting with a vegetarian son to find what he can try new that we may be able to replicate at home.

Restaurants are places where we meet new people, old friends, new friends, make business deals, host parties and enjoy romantic dinners, restaurants are what makes the Sunshine Coast buzz.

Unfortunately, everything we love about restaurants is what also makes them appealing to pests- but you don’t have to make pests feel welcome. There are basic steps that can be taken by you to make your establishments less desirable to the pests.
As a Pest Technician, I’ve learnt to think like a creepy crawly. When attending a restaurant I look around and think if I were pest where would I want to hide?

I’ll teach you a trick, it’s called ‘The Pest Pyramid: Water, Food, Shelter’. This is the best tool to use to get an understanding of what it is that’s attracting pests to your restaurant. What food is available, what water sources are around and what cracks and crevices are there for them to harbour in?

Commerical Pest Control Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Restaurants, pest management


Pests are always looking for moisture and this is not only from drains and sinks. Do you have standing water, or chipped, cracked & missing tiles? When floors are mopped is there excess water left where the floor meets the wall?
It is a good idea to dry mop after your wet mop to lessen the amount of standing water. Keep hoses behind the bar tied up so the water dissipates fast. Clean the drip trays out regularly. If moisture can be found in your restaurant you can be certain pests will keep coming back.


Every restaurant owner believes their restaurant is clean. Cleaning standards can always be higher!
When was the last time you pulled out the oven and cleaned behind there? Moved the boxes away from the walls to see what is going on behind them? Infrequently used storage areas are a VIP area for creepy crawlies. Schedule deep cleans to ensure no food is available for pests to have a feast on.


Do you know the perimeter of your restaurant? Do you regularly check for entry points? Entry points can be as obvious as the front door to the out of site cracks and holes that can be new from electrical or plumbing work.
Go around your premises monthly and methodically check every square inch of the perimeter to make sure all potential entry points are sealed. Rechecking all seals around the backs of your equipment, fridges, splash backs. Think like a pest and think how you might gain entry.
So remember the PEST PYRAMID: Water, Food & Shelter.

Check out the Food Safety Requirements for Australia HERE.

If you have any questions about your restaurant request a call back and I will be more than happy to give you some pointers on how you can keep your restaurant pest free.

Your Sincerely,

Mick Kinnear

Zero Termite and Pest

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Landlords beware, Tenants don’t make for good Pest Technicians!

Could Termites be eating in to your investment?

Are you relying on your tenants to let you know that you have a pest problem?

These photos were taken at a property that had been tenanted and this is what the landlord found when they went back in for the final inspection.

Termite Protection Sunshine Coast
Termite Damage to Rental Property, Sunshine Coast.
Termites Barrier Sunshine Coast
Damage to property caused by termites.











If Property Managers and Pest Technicians had been servicing this property over the time the tenants had been in place, this now disastrous situation could have been avoided.  The damage to this property can be estimated to be in the thousands and is not covered by insurance.

This is not an isolated incident. We have had numerous call outs in our time where obvious signs of damage have not been reported to the owners.

Home Protect is the best investment you can make for your property to give you peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

For less than a $1.50 a day your property will be inspected for termites annually and treated for all other pests covered in the package. Packages come with an unlimited service warranty. Check out our packages HERE.