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Bait Stations For Termites: With hundreds of termite species, It is said that 1 in 3 Australian homes have been damaged by termites, many of which could have been protected through precautionary measures such as termite baiting systems.

Termites have proven to be the most destructive pest and are a major cause of economic damage to many homes in Australia.

With over 10 years’ experience, Zero Termite and Pest has saved many homes from these destructive creatures.

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Termite Causes

You may think that termites are only drawn by wood, but there are many reasons your home can be affected by termite activity.

Faulty plumbing, broken roof tiles and leaking shower can contribute to the moisture in the soil, creating the ideal environment for termites to thrive. Access to your property can be gained through and woody material such as roots and wooden structures that meet your home. Additionally, if there are cracks in your foundation, these pests will quickly seize the opportunity to strike

Got a Termite Problem? With our environmentally friendly termite management tools and techniques, you can be assured that your home is protected.

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What are Termite Baiting Stations?

Bait Stations For Termites: It’s important that a thorough termite inspection of the property is carried out before termite baiting stations are installed. This is done to determine the severity of your infestation and the appropriate corrective steps to take. Our termite management professionals are then able to advise you on the best installation and management programme, that would provide the most reliable termite control for your home.

Zero Termite and Pest specialise in a range of pest control and elimination, including termite control, and can effectively rid your home of live termites.

All our Pest inspections are in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Standard.

Inspections and Bait Stations For Termites

Bait Stations For Termites: A chemical barrier is a pest prevention system that is installed in a property to prevent and control future termite infestations. Our expert technicians add a liquid termiticide into the soil in and around your property and creates a treated zone that is undetectable to termites who carry it back to the nest and is spread throughout the whole colony. The chemical termiticide used in chemical barrier installation is completely safe for you and your family.

A Termite Barrier installation involves digging a trench around and below the footing of your building. This trench and soil are filled with a liquid termiticide that creates a termite control treatment zone.

Termite Inspections

It’s important that a thorough termite inspection of the property is carried out before a chemical barrier is installed. This is done to ensure that there aren’t any active termites already inside your home. If live termites are found within the property, they need to be treated before a chemical barrier can be installed. However, if no active termites are found your installation can continue.

Zero Termite and Pest specialise in a range of pest control and elimination including termite control and can effectively rid your home of live termites.

All our Pest inspections are in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Standard.

Consistent and periodical treatment is needed for effective and reliable termite control. For the best, expert termite barrier installation contact Zero Termite and Pest Today!

Do I Need Bait Stations For Termites?

When feeding, termites eat from the inside out, leaving only a thin layer of wood and no structural integrity.

Keep an eye out for these termite infestation signs:

Hollow Sounding Wood: These wooden structures will become soft, weak and can be easily damaged with a finger or tool.

Mud Structures: If wooden structures have mud tunnel attached and inside the wood, this is a tell-tale sign of a termite infestation.

Small Heaps of Loose soil: These can be found next to skirtings, door frames or around the external perimeter of the house

Bare Patches of Grass: If bare, round patches are found in generally healthy grass, there may be a termite colony below.

We will control your termite problems with gels, dusting and chemical applications

Benefits of Bait Stations For Termites

Termite baiting stations are suitable for anyone who wishes to protect their home from termite infestations. They have the added benefit of being able to be installed at any time, so you can avoid drilling, dust and disturbances!

These systems are fully safe and possess no immediate threat to your pets and family. They use a liquid-free chemical solution that poses no risk of exposure (except for the termites) to anyone in the area.

Termite baiting stations have the advantage of being environmentally friendly, as there is no excessive and irresponsible pesticide use. Unlike Chemical termiticides, the Sentricon system uses just grams of termite bait to effectively eliminate termite colonies- helping reduce the effect of pesticides on the environment.

Zero Termite and Pest are committed to offering the safest, most reliable termite control services for your home.

Termites and Your Business

Bait Stations for Termites: Have you ever thought about how a Termite infestation might affect your business? In addition to the extensive structural damages they cause, white ants could have severe consequences for your business’s reputation, brand and profits.

Much like other pests that can attack retail businesses, such as cockroaches, ants, wasps and bed bugs, termites have a negative impact on your clients’ shopping experience and perception of your business. Often it takes just one pest sighting to raise questions for customers about the cleanliness and quality of your retail business.

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Bait Stations For Termites

Termite prevention costs far less than fixing existing termite damage. While you can treat an area for an immediate solution, it’s not a permanent solution! Bait stations for termites protects a building from all termite infestations for up to 8 years.

With professional and expert termite protection technicians, a bait station is a reliable solution for your termite infestations problems.

Our technicians at Zero Termite and Pest are knowledgeable and understand the nesting and behavioural habits of termites, thus offering fast and effective solutions that protect your home for the long term. Each service is tailored to you and your termite control needs.

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