Looking For Expert Cockroach Pest Control?

Zero Termite and Pest offer expert advice and support for effective and reliable cockroach pest control.

Cockroaches are one of those household and yard pests that tend to make us all cringe. They like to hide anywhere that is dark and damp such as, near food preparation areas, in kitchen cupboards, under sinks, behind the fridge in drains and with areas with easy access to food. No matter how clean your house, cockroaches will invade! Cockroaches are generally not seen during the daytime hours and like to forage under the cover of darkness. If you see a cockroach or two, there is a good chance that there are many more. This is where our expert Zero Termite and Pest technicians come in!

Cockroach Pest Facts

There are three main types of cockroaches that you will encounter on the Sunshine Coast, these are American, Australian and German Cockroaches.

  • The American and Australian cockroach: These insects have wings and can fly into your homes at any time through an unguarded window or door. They like to breed in the bark, leaf mulch and palm trees.
  • The German Cockroach: These are much smaller than the two species. Despite their size, they are fast breeders. They are attracted to food scraps, dirty dishes and poor hygiene, and can have entered your home via a storage container or the likes of. German Cockroaches are most commonly found in cafes, restaurants and bars.

It is difficult to eradicate entire roach colonies with home remedies. Zero Termite and Pest have tried and proven methods of treatment for full cockroach pest control.

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Don’t Want Cockroaches?

  • Keep bins clean and sealed
  • Keep areas liquid and crumb-free and food in airtight containers
  • Cockroaches love warm places. Be sure keep areas like underneath fridges and around electrical items clean and free from dust.
  • Food and dust often collect in and around sofas, be sure to vacuum these areas regularly.
  • Seal gaps around doors and windows.
  • Fix all water leaks in and around your home.