Need Silverfish Pest Control?

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If you find yourself dealing with an abundance of Silverfish, Zero Termite and Pest can help with effective silverfish pest control suited to your needs.

Known for their destructive feeding habits, silverfish are more than just an annoying pest. A single silverfish may not be cause for worry, however, they will have negative consequences in large numbers. Our weather can become quite humid our homes can provide a perfect breeding ground for these pests. We offer a number of silverfish control solutions dependant on your home environment and the size of the infestation.

Afraid a silverfish free home won't last? Once our expert technicians have successfully eradicated your silverfish infestation we will then advise you on steps you can take to prevent their future return.

Silverfish Pest Facts

Small, brown-grey or silver in colour, silverfish are fast-moving and fast-breeding pests. They are capable of surviving in most climates but especially love dark, damp places like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, garages and sheds. Paper and damp clothing are a favourite food for silverfish and you can almost always find them in any boxes you have stored in your shed or garage.

They may have infested your wardrobes and begun the process of destroying clothes and books long before you even realise you have an infestation. Whilst they are harmless to people, they certainly are very unpleasant house guests. Zero Termite and Pest can advise you on what to look for and where they are most likely to be lurking.

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Don’t Want Silverfish?

Your home may require some caulking of particular cracks and crevices or that a dehumidifier in your home is particularly humid.

Some additional steps that you can take yourself for prevention may include storing any cardboard boxes on shelves rather than on floors where they may become damp, keeping food supplies in sealed storage containers rather than cardboard packaging and storing old or off-season clothing in plastic bags to keep the silverfish out.

If you have an older or renovator home with wallpaper, it may be time to consider redecorating by removing the wallpaper and painting instead.