Ant Control Sunshine Coast

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Zero Termite and Pest are experts in ant pest control and fully understand the frustration caused by these tiny insects on the Sunshine Coast. We can help you gain back control of your property.

Our knowledge of the foraging and nesting habits of Ants allow us to effectively locate nests and apply treatments that are most effective for long term results.

We will control your ant problems with gels, dusting and chemical applications

Ant Facts

Ant Control Sunshine Coast:

Ants are social insects that are mostly located in soil, wood or rocks. They live in colonies and are common intruders in and around buildings. Ants seek out walls, roofs, voids, kitchens, lawns and gardens and decaying wood. Once an Ant colony discovers a source of food, the number of ants in that area can increase exponentially as the workers get busy.

If your home or yard has become a food source for a colony of ants, it’s time to call Zero Termite and Pest! Different species of ants look for different food sources. This is where our knowledge helps us to seek out and control your ant invasion. Whilst most ants don’t really cause real damage they can become an unwanted pest in your home, garden or industrial building.

Our Technicians at Zero Termite and Pest use their knowledge and experience to recognise those ant species that are destructive and those that can inflict painful stings. Maintaining your home and yard in conjunction with ethical pest control will help restrict any future invasions.

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Don’t Want Ants?

  • Keep cupboards and countertops free of crumbs and food matter
  • Keep opened foodstuffs in sealed containers
  • Place open foods in the fridge
  • Garbage should be placed in bins with sealing lids
  • As soon as your pet has finished eating store away pet food.
  • Wipe clean and dry jars and containers before storing.