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It is never advisable to treat a wasp nest yourself, especially if you are sensitive or allergic to wasp stings. A mature wasp nest can contain thousands of eggs and should be treated with caution and disturbing the nest is highly likely to provoke the wasps to attack. Zero Termite and Pest are able to identify specific wasp species and offer treatments to ensure safe, controlled management of wasp nests on the Sunshine Coast.

If you feel you have a potential or existing wasp problem, Zero Termite has the professional knowledge and expertise to treat and remove your wasp problems.

Wasp control and removal can be done by direct treatment with an aerosol that freezes the wasp and nest so that it can be removed safely.

Wasp Facts

Despite the considerable number of species of wasp found on the Sunshine Coast, many are not considered to be pests. However, they can be a hazard in and around your home.

Made from chewed pulp and saliva, wasp nests have distinctive papery walls and texture. These nests will start small, but will rapidly increase in size. You can find wasp nests both in sheltered indoor and outdoor spaces, such as eaves, attics, roof spaces awnings as well as birdboxes and sheds.

A wasp sting can be extremely painful. The European Wasp can sting repeatedly, causing burning pain, with local inflammation and repeated stings may bring about anaphylaxis. Paper Wasps and Honey Bee stings are also extremely painful and potentially life-threatening, if stung repeatedly or if you are allergic to the venom.

Do I Need Wasp Removal?

Wasp infestations are one of the worst infestations that any home can encounter. They can also be the cause of hospital visits or worse. A wasp sting is painful but generally causes no long-term harm. It can, however, be life-threatening if you are allergic to the poison in the stings. Despite the considerable number of species of wasp found in Australia, many are not considered to be pests. However, they can be a hazard and a nuisance in and around your home.

The problem is that sometimes these pests are sometimes hard to spot until it’s too late. It’s important that you address this problem as soon as you see signs. If there is a high number of wasps around, there is likely to be a nest nearby. For effective wasp control, one would need to identify where the wasp nest is located. Wasps typically build their nests outdoors under eaves and overhangs. If they can gain regular access to your home, nests can also be found in the roof space, attic, cavity wall or ducts.

Removing a wasp nest can be very dangerous. Wasps inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest and young. To get rid of wasps it isn’t necessary to remove the nest, but it is necessary to treat it and the nesting wasps.

Wasp Control and Your Business

Keep Your business Buzzing

The last infestation you want near your business would be wasps. It comes as no surprise that a wasp infestation at work will be an unwanted distraction for both your customers and employees. To make sure your business and customers are not disrupted, reliable wasp control is crucial. These annoying pests disturb businesses as they can also make it difficult for your staff and customers to enter the premises! Preventative measures are crucial to ensure your business does not become a wasp hotspot.

Various businesses may suffer from a wasp infestation. These include camps, restaurants and apartments, each with their own unique wasp control requirements. Zero Termite and Pest are the favourite choice for commercial wasp control service. Our technicians are experts and understand the best wasp control techniques that ensure safety and a wasp-free environment.

One must properly identify what kind of wasp they are dealing with. Misidentifying your pest can spell disaster for any containment techniques you may be considering or using. It is essential that you know what you are up against. Thus, quality pest inspections are necessary.

Know what to look for

If you are experiencing an increasing number of wasps in and around your home, there may be a wasp nest nearby.

If you suspect you have a dangerous spider infestation, early detection and treatment are key to the successful spider pest control.

Keep an eye out for these wasp infestation signs:

Nests: Different wasp species will build their nests in different places. However, all wasp nests have distinctive papery walls and texture. Many nests are typically built under shelter and overhangs that block the rain.

Seeing Wasps: The most obvious sign of a wasp infestation is seeing the perpetrators themselves. Seeing a stray wasp is usually no cause for worry, however, if you see an increasing amount close after one another, this might be an indication of a nest and infestation nearby.

Chewed wood: Some wasps created their nests by chewing wood. When there is an infestation present, you may notice holes and tunnels in wood on the exterior of your home. However, it is important to note that chewed wood is also an indication of termites, so a thorough pest inspection is required. All our Pest inspections are in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Standard.

A wasp treatment programme is the best way to treat a wasp infestation. If left untreated, a wasp can quickly spread and take over. Zero Termite and Pest offer quality wasp control services to ensure that early detection, prevention and treatment occurs.

Our certified technicians are extensively trained and experienced professionals. They understand the nesting and feeding habits of different wasp species and use this knowledge to choose the correct wasp control methods for effective management

Wasp Prevention Tips

Wasp Removal Sunshine Coast: Wasps are most active during the summer months and early treatment is the best form of protection.

  • Check your home and garden, looking for nests in garages, under eaves, in cavity walls, outbuildings and sheds. Wasps are attracted to the contents of bins so ensure that your bins are kept away from doors and windows and that they have secure lids.
  • Make sure to cover any holes that you find in cement or grass as solitary wasps often look for cavities in which to make their nest.
  • Our certified technicians offer advice on effective wasp management and preventative measure for future problems.

We use a variety of safe and environmentally friendly gels, dusts and chemical applications.

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