Zero Termite and Pest specialise in the eradication of wasps and wasp nests on the Sunshine Coast.
Although of the considerable number of species of wasp found in Australia and on the Sunshine Coast many are not considered to be pests, they can be a hazard in and around your home. A wasp sting can be extremely painful. The European Wasp can sting repeatedly, causing a burning pain, with local inflammation and repeated stings may bring about anaphylaxis. The sting from Paper Wasps and Honey Bees are also extremely painful and potentially life threatening if stung repeatedly or if you are allergic to the venom.

Zero Termite and Pest have the knowledge and expertise to treat and remove your wasp infestation. We do not advise attempting to treat a wasp nest yourself, especially if you are sensitive or allergic to wasp stings. A mature wasp nest can contain thousands of eggs and should be treated with caution. Disturbing a wasp nest is highly likely to provoke the insects to attack and stinging is their form of defence. Zero Termite and Pest, right here on the Sunshine Coast are able to identify specific wasp species and offer treatments to ensure safe, controlled management of wasp nests. Wasp control can be done by direct treatment with an aerosol that freezes the wasp and nest so that it can be removed safely.

We offer advice on how to manage and prevent future problems. Wasps are most active during the summer months and early treatment is the best form of protection. Check your home and garden, looking for nests in garages, under eves, in cavity walls, out buildings and sheds. Wasps are attracted to the contents of bins so ensure that your bins are kept away from doors and windows and that they have secure lids.
If you feel you have a potential or existing wasp problem, Zero Termite and pest on the Sunshine Coast have the professional expertise you need. Call us to discuss your pest problem.

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