Termites White Ants Sunshine Coast
Hundreds of Termites swarming over the weekend on the Sunshine Coast

Did you see the Termite Swarms this weekend?

Over the weekend Mick and I were out taking our puppies for a walk in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. There were hundreds of Termites flying around. I know as home owners this scares a lot of people so today’s blog is all about what it means if you are seeing them and how to determine if they are in fact termites.

Why am I seeing Termite Swarms?

The climate here on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect breeding ground for Termites who thrive in warm moist climates. They require the moisture to stop their bodies from drying out. Wet and decayed wood are perfect breeding grounds for termites and as our walk determined this weekend there is plenty of wood and pooled water around in the Buderim and Mountain Creek areas.

So why do Termites Swarm?

Sexually matured male and female Termites will leave their nest when there is overcrowding and the conditions are just right. Swarming generally occurs in Spring when the weather is warm and after a shower. During this period the sexually developed Male and Females will mate in the air with the same species from other colonies. Once they have successfully mated they will land, shed their wings and begin to create a new colony.

How do I know if I am seeing Flying Ants or Termites?

This is a great question and one we get asked all the time. Ants and Termites are commonly mistaken for one another so knowing the difference can save you a lot of worry and money.
Termites are defined by their two sets of wings which are uniformed in length and size whereas ants have larger wings in the front than those at the back. Termites wings tend to be twice the size of their body. An ant has a pinched waist unlike the Termite which has a thick waist.  Also setting them apart is that Termites have two antennas that are generally straight with a slight curve, ants have elbowed antennas. Termites are white and translucent in colour and often quite veiny in appearance, ants are generally brown in colour.

What do I do if I think I have found Termites around my property?

Firstly nothing, do not attempt to spray the them with any type of home pest sprays. It is important that they are treated with a non-repellent termiticide (Zero Termite and Pest only use Termidor). It is always important to call on a professional as the one place you may have found the Termites may not be their only point of entry and this can only be verified by having a Pest Technician complete a thorough Termite Inspection of your property.

How can I prevent future attacks?

The best termite prevention system for each home is different. There are variances in the type of system used depending on the structure of your home. Zero Termite and Pest use Chemical Barriers or Termite Baiting Stations with Sentricon Rods. The best prevention can be discussed with you at your property by calling for a free no obligation quote. Mick is always more than happy to attend your premises and discuss ways that you can make your home less attractive to Termites.  While Mick is there he will quote you on what prevention system would work best for your property.