Making Pest Protection Affordable for Landlords

At ZERO TERMITE AND PEST we have been working closely with property managers for a number of years and we have listened to what works for them, their tenants and landlords. Zero’s Home Protect has packages that make protecting your asset less time consuming, less frustrating & less expensive.

Plan Platinum Gold Silver Bronze White
Cost Per Month $45 $37 $25 $22 $20
Minimum Cost Over 12 Months $540 $444 $312 $264 $240
Termite Inspection With Full Report Annually
Internal Pest Control Annually
2 x External Pest Control
(completed Twice per year)
Rodent Protection (checked and rebaited Twice per year)
Ant Treatment
VALUED AT $788 $691 $538 $364 $250
YOU SAVE $248 $247 $226 $96 $10
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All packages come with an unlimited service warranty should you get an infestation for any of the pests treated while you are on this package.
Prices quoted are for a standard home. Less for Apartments. Terms and conditions can be found on our website.


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