Zero Termite and Pest are passionate about providing free preventative advice against termites and white ants on the Sunshine Coast. When it comes to termite prevention and protecting your home from termites, Zero Termite and Pest recommend the following options depending on your building type and situation as follows;

Chemical Barrier - Where the soil is treated around the perimeter of your home.  These are commonly used when there is a concrete slab.

Termite Baiting and Monitoring System -

Zero Termite and Pest offer the Sunshine Coast an environmentally friendly alternative to a chemical barrier in the form of Sentricon Always Active Baiting Systems.


Tips for the Home Owner

  • Remove all timber debris from your property
  • Never store timber against the building
  • Ensure garden beds or heavy follage are not abutting your house.
  • Plumb your hot water system and air-conditioner over flows away from the  house.
  • Fix all broken drains, storm water pipes and any leaks within the house to avoid unwanted moisture which attracts termites.Be sure to have a Termite Inspection by Zero Termite and Pest every 12 months.

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