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Prevention is Key to a Termite Free Home

Termite Prevention Sunshine Coast: At Zero Termite and Pest, we are passionate about termite prevention and are always happy to provide free preventative advice, before it is too late.

Termites have proven to be the most destructive pest and have already caused Australian homeowners millions of dollars in damages. They have the ability to live undetected for months and, in some cases, years.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to prevent such infestations from happening.

Termite Types

Subterranean Termites: More commonly known as White Ants, Subterranean Termites are the most common and most destructive termite. They need moisture to survive and will make their nests near and under the ground and branch out in search of moisture and food.

Drywood termites: These insects live in small colonies and inside pieces of dead timber or furniture. Such colonies can go undetected for years and can cause significant damage if left untreated.

Dampwood Termites: This species relies on moisture for survival and are most likely to nest outside in damp and rotten wood near the ground. If found nesting inside, there is an indication of an additional moisture problem.

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Termite Prevention Sunshine Coast: Do I Have Termites?

When feeding, termites eat from the inside out, leaving only a thin layer of wood and no structural integrity.

Keep an eye out for these termite infestation signs:

Hollow Sounding Wood: These wooden structures will become soft, weak and can be easily damaged with a finger or tool.

Mud Structures: If wooden structures have mud tunnel attached and inside the wood, this is a tell-tale sign of a termite infestation.

Small Heaps of Loose soil: These can be found next to skirtings, door frames or around the external perimeter of the house

Bare Patches of Grass: If bare, round patches are found in generally healthy grass, there may be a termite colony below.

Termite Prevention Sunshine Coast: Tips to Remember

For the best termite prevention, we recommend the following options depending on your building type and situation as follows:

Reduce Access:

Seal gaps around water and gas lines as well as reduce wood-to-ground contact in places where they may enter your home. In addition to removing these access points into your home, you also can treat wood with termiticide.

Reduce Food Sources:

Storing timber under, in or against your property will provide an attractive food source for termites. Remove and store any timber and/or debris, such as dead leaves, away from your property.

Reduce Excess Moisture:

Moisture is essential for a termite colony to thrive. Make sure water does not pool and your property is kept as dry as possible. Fix all broken drains, stormwater pipes and leaks. Ensure you plumb your hot water system and air-conditioner overflows away from the house to prevent ideal termite breeding conditions.

Inspect lumber:

Wood makes up the majority of a termite’s diet. Regularly check used lumber, dead trees and wooden fences. Ensure garden beds or heavy foliage are not abutting your house.

Regular Pest Inspections:

Regular termite inspections help ensure that your home and property remain termite-free as well as help in the early detection of termite activity and infestation. Thus swift action can be taken before further damage can be caused to your home.

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Termite Prevention Sunshine Coast

Chemical Barriers or Bait Stations?

Termite Prevention Sunshine Coast: The choice between a chemical barrier and bait stations are often dependent on the size and location of the infestation as well as your pest control needs and requirements.

A barrier treatment consists of applying a chemical barrier to the soil around the property to create a barrier between your home and the ground to block all potential routes of termite entry.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, a Sentricon always active bait system is the ideal solution. Bait filled plastic cylinders are strategically placed around your property. It is continually monitored to ensure effective termite management.

No matter your termite control needs, Zero Termite and Pest will arm you will all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home.

For More Information read about Chemical Barriers or Bait Stations.

Think You’ve Got Termites?

Zero Termite and Pest Have Got You Covered

Termite prevention Sunshine Coast: For effective Termite Prevention, Zero Termite and Pest recommend annual termite inspections to ensure your home is termite-free.

We offer a range of comprehensive termite pest control, such as termite bait stations and chemical barriers. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable and are able to inform and recommend the best solution to your infestation problem.

Such treatments can help protect your home against future infestations.

Read More About Termite Prevention Sunshine Coast:

Zero Termite and Pest offer only use the best pest control products to ensure your home is safe and protected.

We use Termidor Chemical Barrier termiticides as well an environmentally friendly alternative in the form of the Sentricon Always Active Baiting Systems.


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