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Our technicians at Zero Termite and Pest are the most respected and experienced termite inspections technicians along the Sunshine Coast.

When alone a termite may be small and unassuming. However, where there is one termite there are thousands more to wreak havoc and destruction on your home.

Buying an investment property is stressful! Zero Termite and Pest specialise in building and pest inspections to ensure you have complete peace of mind that the property is pest free.

Why You Need Termite Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling, Termite inspections can save you a lot of money in the long run. Anyone can look for termites, but it takes a trained and qualified inspector to confirm if a home has a problem.

Termites can live undetected for many months and can cause huge amounts of destruction before they are even discovered. Not only does this result in thousands of dollars in repairs, but this damage can cause additional structural issues- in both new and old homes!

Thus, a termite inspection is essential for any home.

At Zero Termite and Pest, we specialise in building and pest inspections to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

All You Need To Know

It is always suggested to utilise the services of a Building Inspector and a Pest Technician individually. It may be tempting to treat a termite infestation yourself, but this will only make the problem worse.

A building inspection is often conducted by a qualified and experienced technician in the building industry as they have a keen eye for any abnormalities and structural defects found in construction. Their reports will outline any defects the building may have as well as anything that may not have been approved by local council guidelines.

A pest inspection focuses purely on pest infestations. The most harmful threat for most homeowners is termites. The Pest Technician will inspect roof voids, subfloors, tap all timbers in the home and undertake an inspection of the surrounding area of the property to determine the presence of past and present termite activity. It is best to go into a purchase with all the facts, thus a report will also outline any potential threats that could lead to future attacks.

Our technicians at Zero Termite and Pest are the most respected and experienced building and pest inspection technicians along the Sunshine Coast. All our Pest inspections are in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Standard.

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Termite Inspections Benefits

Value Assessment: Building and pest Inspections help find the true value of a property. It may also insight to construction materials, to help with long-term maintenance, preventative measures and safety.

Awareness: Qualified technicians have the knowledge and tools needed to analyse a home so that you are made aware of any potential issues and repairs. Zero Termite and Pest work with integrity and honesty- ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Peace of Mind: Termite inspections are the ideal service to catch any issue that may have been missed. Our technicians are trained to give you the peace of mind you need when making your investment.

Hidden Issues: There are often many aspects of a property that are overlooked or forgotten. With termite Inspections, concealed issues and defects can be easily found. This arms you with important knowledge needed when making an important decision.

Chemical Barriers or Bait Stations?

The choice between a chemical barrier and bait stations are often dependent on the size and location of the infestation as well as your pest control needs and requirements.

A barrier treatment consists of applying a chemical barrier to the soil around the property to create a barrier between your home and the ground to block all potential routes of termite entry.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, a Sentricon always active bait system is the ideal solution. Bait filled plastic cylinders are strategically placed around your property. It is continually monitored to ensure effective termite management.

No matter your termite control needs on the Sunshine Coast, Zero Termite and Pest will arm you will all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home.

For More Information read about Chemical Barriers or Bait Stations.

Termite Inspections and Your Business

Have you ever thought about how a termite infestation might affect your business? No matter the industry or sector you operate in, there is no doubt that termites are bad for business. In addition to the extensive structural damages they cause, termites could have severe consequences for your business’s reputation, brand and profits. It takes just one pest sighting for customers to question the cleanliness of the property.

Much like other pests that can attack retail businesses, such as cockroaches, ants, wasps and bed bugs, termites have a negative impact on your clients’ shopping experience and perception of your business. Termite inspections can help prevent loss of revenue and damage to your business’s reputation, as well as ensure you comply with the relevant local health and safety regulations. This is especially crucial for the hospitality sector where premises have a responsibility to protect customer’s health.

The key to effective termite management is consistency. This starts with a regular inspection regime so any infestations are identified and eradicated quickly and successfully. The nature of the business and the location of the property will determine how often an inspection should be carried out. This could be monthly, quarterly or annually.

Zero Termite and Pest are fully qualified and are expert termite inspection technicians. Contact us today to discuss an inspection regimen that suits you, your business and pest management needs.

Found Termites?

It’s common for termites to be found during a routine inspection. If active termites are during the inspection, we strongly advise treating the termite infestation immediately. If treatment is not undertaken, you run the risk that the termites will cause severe damage to your house, often before you can visually see any signs of termite damage.

Zero Termite and Pest have all the necessary tools and treatments needed to carry out any termite treatments to eradicate the colony. Contact us Today For more information!

Why Zero Termite and Pest?

We Are Passionate About Customer Satisfaction

We undertake every job as if it were our own home. We ensure every job is done with the utmost professionalism, using safe quality material.

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.

Honest And Dependable

All our staff are police checked and turn up on time every time. We complete all projects with integrity and fairness. We strive to offer the Sunshine Coast an honest and reliable service.

We Are Always Improving

We keep up to date with the latest innovations and improvements in Pest Management technologies. We keep up with educating our clients about the risks and preventions involved in the Pest Industry.

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