Termite Inspections are as important as having home and contents insurance for your property.


Mick and I are property owners ourselves and even before Home Protect was born we knew the importance of a termite inspection. I witnessed my parents fear around Termites from a young age. I can remember the day my dad came out of our bathroom white as a ghost and said “Chris, we have a problem!”. From that day forward Termite was a swear word in our home. We were a one income, three children household and a Termite Inspection just didn’t fit into the budget, well that is until the Termite invasion!

Every year following that expensive find, Bill, our Pest Technician, would roll in like clockwork to inspect our home. I watched a friendship grow between my Dad and this man who climbed in our roof and under our floors. There is a bond formed due to the trust that is put into the hands of the person you are entrusting your greatest asset too.

Come to think of it some of our closest friendships started with a Termite Inspection booking!

Why we created Home Protect

Since starting Zero Termite and Pest my parents’ story is an all too common one. We sadly hear from property owners who have accidentally stumbled across what they believe to be Termites only to have their worst fears confirmed weekly. It never gets any easier for us knowing that this could have been avoided had a Termite Inspection taken place annually.

After one too many heartbreaking stories we knew we had to make Pest Control and Termite Inspections affordable on the Sunshine Coast, and this is where Home Protect was born. Allowing people to be able to budget for that annual inspection by creating monthly management plans seemed like the logical thing to do. Since launching Home Protect at the start of this year the uptake has been amazing and just proved to us that home owners know the value of a Termite Inspection and Pest Control but the daunting task of coming up with that one-off payment was just too much.

Homes on the Sunshine Coast are constantly under attack from Termites and can leave property owners thousands of dollars out of pocket. Anyone that owns a property needs to invest in Home Protect, so you can set and forget knowing Zero Termite and Pest are doing the rest. If you are wanting to know more about ways you can protect your home against a Termite invasion please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Affordable Pest Management
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