Need Silverfish Control?

Providing Reliable Silverfish Pest Control Services

If you find yourself dealing with an abundance of Silverfish, Zero Termite and Pest can help with effective silverfish pest control suited to your needs.

Known for their destructive feeding habits, silverfish are more than just an annoying pest. A single silverfish may not be cause for worry, however, they will have negative consequences in large numbers.

Our weather can become quite humid our homes can provide a perfect breeding ground for these pests. We offer a number of silverfish control solutions dependant on your home environment and the size of the infestation.

Silverfish Control: Why us?

Silverfish Control can be difficult. DIY tools and techniques may help get rid of a silverfish for a short while. But it is only a matter of time before they return.

For reliable, effective and long-lasting solutions, contact our experts at Zero Termite and Pest.

We understand the stress and frustration caused by silverfish infestations. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable on the nesting and feeding habits of silverfish and will provide you with reliable silverfish control services that will leave you stress and, most-importantly, silverfish free.

We use a variety of safe and environmentally friendly gels, dusts and chemical applications.

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Do I Need Silverfish Control?

Small and flat, brown-grey or silver in colour, silverfish are fast-moving and fast-breeding pests.

They are capable of surviving in most climates but especially love humid, dark and damp places such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, garages and sheds. Paper and damp clothing are a favourite food for silverfish, and you can almost always find them in any boxes you have stored in your shed or garage.

Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits. They may have infested your wardrobes and begun the process of destroying clothes and books long before you even realise you have an infestation.

Whilst they are harmless to people, they certainly are very unpleasant house guests. Zero Termite and Pest can advise you on what to look for and where they are most likely to be lurking.

Call Zero Termite and Pest now to discuss your silverfish pest control program

With more than 10 years of pest control experience, Zero Termite and Pest have developed effective and reliable techniques to rid your property of silverfish

Know what to look for

Silverfish are a constant and annoying infestation that many homes deal with

They are easily spread and can be difficult to treat. Early detection and treatment are key to successful silverfish control.

Keep an eye out for these silverfish  infestation signs:

Feeding marks: A tell-tale sign of a silverfish problem is feeding damage. Typically done to clothing, paper and cardboard boxes

Droppings: A obvious sign of an infestation is droppings. Silverfish droppings can be identified as small round pellets that resemble black peppercorn. These dropping can often be found in food bags, boxes and between books and papers.

Yellow Stains: Similar to droppings, a sign of regular silverfish activity is yellow staining, particularly on paper and linen.

Silverfish and their shed skin: The most obvious sign of a silverfish infestation, are the culprits themselves. Where there is one silverfish, there are usually many more. Silverfish shed their skin regularly throughout their lifecycle. These skins are small and often get sept away unnoticed. If there is an increasing amount of shed skin, it may be time for a pest inspection.   All our Pest inspections are in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Standard.

A silverfish treatment programme is the best way to treat a silverfish infestation. If left untreated, silverfish can quickly spread and take over. Zero Termite and Pest offer quality pest control services to ensure that early detection, prevention and treatment occurs.

Our certified technicians are extensively trained and experienced professionals. They understand the nesting and feeding habits of silverfish and use this knowledge to choose the correct silverfish control methods for effective management.

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Silverfish Control: Prevention Tips

Silverfish breed quickly and the severity of an infestation may go unnoticed for long periods of time.

  • Consider replacing old wallpaper with paint.
  • If your home is particularly humid, use a dehumidifier to prevent breeding and infestation
  • Store boxes on shelves, where they cannot become damp.
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Store unused and old clothing in sealed plastic packets to keep silverfish at bay
  • Ensure cracks are sealed to restrict movement and nesting spaces

Silverfish Control and Our Other Services

Experts in Silverfish Control


We undertake every job as if it were our own home.  We ensure every job is done with the utmost professionalism, using safe quality material.

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.


All our staff are police checked and turn up on time every time. We complete all projects with integrity and fairness. We strive to offer the Sunshine Coast an honest and reliable service.


We keep up to date with the latest innovations and improvements in Pest Management technologies. We keep up with educating our clients about the risks and preventions involved in the Pest Industry.

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