Rain and Rats, Identifying and Preventing!

With all the rain around I thought it would be a good time to talk about Rats.

I know as home owners there is nothing more frustrating than just drifting off to sleep and the banging begins in the ceiling. It’s like the rats are throwing a party. At the end of this blog you will leave with a few tips you can use to prevent them from entering your ceiling and hanging around your home.

Did you know there were 200 claims made for damage caused by Rats and mice snacking on plastic parts in motor vehicles last year?

The risk to your health from ingesting foods and water that these rodents have come into contact with can cause diseases. Rats can spread 35 different diseases.

Homes are at risk of structural weakness caused by rats gnawing through aluminium and lead sheeting.

They are also well known for chewing through wiring and causing house fires.

So what are some of the tell tale signs you have rats around your property
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